Welcome Crew!

Aye! I assume ye found yer way in here by way of see’in the Capt’n an’ wanted ta become a member of the CREW!

Well, if’n yer here then the Capt’n must have thought ye were an outright scallawag. A mangy mutt. I mutinous cockroach!

And that’s good enuff fer the likes o’ me!

The name be Grubbs an it’s my job ta keep the Captn’s things in order, starting with …

Gettin’ some of yer contact information, so when the Capt’n is in port near where ye be, one of us can let ye in on it early. Or if thar be a contest or what have you…

So fill out the form below if this is yer first visit and check back here fer special news and fun bits.

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